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Royal Worcester marks circatop row andbottom row and with the letter R instead of W.

Anne Acheson CBE - Some early products of the factory are listed dating royal worcester pottery Worcester.

They developed a papier-mache splint from sugar bags.

Occupation given in Census Returns of England and Wales, 1911'Teacher of Art in Secondary School', employer: London County Council [this was the County Secondary School in Putney according to Lelwellyn (2010)].

Afterwards Acheson attended the Royal College of Art (c.1906-10) having been awarded a free studentship in 1906.

For the first two and a half years she studied sculpture under Edouard Lanteri and then did an additional year in the Design School.

Acheson died in Lagan Valley Hospital, Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland. New entries have been made each time a work was exhibited. Member of council Royal Society of British Sculptors 1944Student at Belfast School of Art 1904 (Circa) - 1906Dates of study from Llewellyn (2010). Acheson stayed another year in the Design school having already acquired the necessary skills in wood carving, metal work, enamelling and embroidery.

The more modern items, from the late 60's onwards, mostly used black or gold back-stamps.On completion of her studies Anne visited Italy with Grace Barber, travelling to Rome, Assisi, Florence and Venice, before taking up an appointment as a teacher in a secondary school in Putney in the autumn of 1910.She was made full-time after one year and received a salary of £160 per annum for working four and a half days per week.Arts and Crafts Society: Catalogue of the Eleventh Exhibition. 79Catalogue of The 45th Annual Exhibition of The Belfast Art Society in The Municipal Art Gallery, Botanic Gardens Park Belfast, 1926 1926p.21Catalogue of The 46th Annual Exhibition of The Belfast Art Society, Municipal Art Gallery, Belfast, 1927 1927p.

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