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This meditation 3 - The Energy Enhancement Course Level One, Initiation Three Streaming Video... I've done it some more and it's incredibly powerful.I don't know why it isn't more well known or taught?So I had a new layer of energy body or something like this. I honestly dont believe I will go back to being how I used to, because too much of my consciousness or awareness feels grounded into light, so if I can keep seeing from the lights viewpoint, I can quickly pick out faults which I might otherwise do. I threw out some supplements and felt like that type of thing has now become redundant.Today I noticed that small ego blockages were in my aura.The Shiva Lingam (Male Genitals) arises out of the center of the sphere of the earth and represents the Antahkarana column of shakti Kundalini energy which arises out of the center of the earth which indeed is an external chakra called Kundalini Chakra.symbolises that the milk purifying downward flow of energy from the Chakras above the Head is channeled down the Lingam into the Female Center of the Earth where it changes direction as the impurities gathered by the milk are burned up in the nuclear fission fires at the earths center - this is the rectification of the energy of RECTIFICANDO - the "R" of Alchemical VITRIOL and the Antahkarana Yoni spout shoots spiritual energy out of the center of the earth like the water of the fountain comes out of the Alhambra Sufi Fountain into the pool.The Sun sends energy to the Earth through the spokes, as milk flows over the Shivalingam washing away all Karma, all negativity into the center of the earth. Negativity is burnt in the nuclear fires in the center of the earth.5, In the Center of the earth is the Black Sun which burns all negativity and sends the purified energy, Kundalini Energy, upwards, back towards the sun.

Imagine a war scene where the dark side is just a little blob of dark and there is hundreds or thousands of times as much light surrounding it from all angles.

So my little dark ego, the I, just well, just gave up. After that happened, I was getting light flood my body and I just felt like crying and surrendering.

I suddenly felt this rush of what felt like crystalline white light flood into my body and fill my arms and legs and whole body. What seems to be filling my body is this type of energy which is peace and light, it only seems to want whats right for everyone. I dont know how much of my ego I let go off I wish all of it will go now. I seem quite satisfied to just drown myself in this light. Im pleased to say that the energy of soft love and peace which flooded my body last night, has remained with me today. There has been a loss of desire, an increase in peace.

This shows the rectification (The R of Vitriol) of the energy milk which comes down from the fusion star center of the universe and its rectification, change of direction, as it returns from the center of the earth back into the center of the universe. The Axle is the Antahkarana column as it springs out of the Earth. The eight spokes of the wheel represent the eight positions of the sun as it travels around the Earth.

THE SECRETS OF ENERGY ENHANCEMENT ON THE NATURE OF THE ENERGY FLOWS OF THE UNIVERSE AND HUMANITY COME FROM DEEP AND ANCIENT SOURCES. Each of the spokes contains a picture including sex between the King and Queen with all the astrologers around them predicting a propitious time for conception. The sun is the outside of the wheel as it travels around the Earth.

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