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And that we should all stay on the lookout for her solo cd.

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[/quote] THIS RAGGLY ASS HOE HERE HAS MADE ME MADE FOR THE DAY!!!! AINT SHIT WRONG WITH BEING GHETTO - BITCH ITS AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE HOE! When you reply in these topics is sooooo uber ghetto..freaking own and run the site, that's the biggest voice someone like yourself can have...In 2010, she appeared on the remix version of "My Chick Bad", a Ludacris single, along with Trina and Eve.Her debut single "Lotta Money" was released in the summer of 2010; the video for the single included Gucci Mane.Their next charting single, "Rock Yo Hips," was released in August 2006 and was followed by a second album, Hated on Mostly, in March 2007.In November 2007, Diamond left Crime Mob to pursue a solo career.

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