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They are getting ready for a strategy meeting when Mick asks Serena where Mr. She tells him that Ketch is not answering his mobile. Ketch tells Dean that it wasn’t difficult finding a Men of Letters bunker.Meanwhile, Dean returns and finds a note from Sam that he went out. The smart Brit brought with him an expensive barrel of Scotch; appealing to Dean’s love of drink.Mary goes to her quarters and looks at her cellphone text messages of apology to Dean.Upon Mary’s glance, we return to the confrontation with her sons.By: Stacy Miller The episode picks up where the last one left off with Mary (Samantha Smith) explaining to Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) why she is working with the British Men of Letters. Look, I’m not blind to who they are, what they’ve done.” Sam questions Mary about how long she’s been working for the British Men of Letters. What the British Men of Letters are doing here; what we’re doing, it’s a better way.

“You said you needed space, but you needed space from us,” Dean says angrily. ” Ouch, Dean is really hitting Mary where it hurts!“I am your mother, but I am more than just a mom,” Mary tells him.“And you are not a child.” Dean snips, “I never was.” He tells Mary that she chose between them and the British Men of Letters noting, “And you chose them.And the remaining vampires they are hunting, Cell J-9767 vampires, are at the Morest Hotel in Kansas. By the time we’re done, there won’t be a single bloodsucker left in the rest of the country,” Mary tells Sam. She and Sam kill some vampires and capture one who tells them that their father/The Alpha told them who the hunters were and how to find them. Mary confesses that she stole the weapon from Ramiel.And obviously, the British Men of Letters’ intel that the Alpha has been in Morocco for the last decade is wrong as Sam met the vampire daddy five years ago in North Dakota. Although feeling betrayed again by his mother, Sam knows he has to put that aside.

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