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It has long become the custom to use the term "Russian Rock" while having in mind creativity of certain rock musicians singing in the Russian language.

Here we are mentioning a number of well-known Russian bands, which can personify the notion of Russian rock.

Should be a welcome addition to extreme and post metal fans.

They were approved by the Prog Metal Team and are very highly recommended!

Viktor Tsoi, the soloist of Kino and the author of all its repertoir, was its heart and soul.

It was also in that year when the first concert was given.

In 1984 Aquarium stopped its activities and its participants went into separate music projects.

After the group's reunion in 1986 it gave a number of large-scale concerts in the Leningrad sport palace Yubileyniy, which came as an evidence of Aquarium's legalization and the first step towards removing the beto on rock music in Leningrad and the country in general.

Instrumental experiments made Aquarium a big-band with a great wind section, a rock group with up-to-date electronic equipment, an acoustic guitar and chello duet, etc. Under the influence of Sergey Kuryokhin Aquarium was for some time inclined to the free form music and Grebenshchikov himself took part in recording the music by Kuryokhin and his group Popular Mechanics.

The success of the group with the general public was enabled by 'magnitizdat'.

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