Migrating 2016 to 2016 updating simple url dns who is sasha roiz dating

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Several of my clients have opted to move toward this configuration, until Microsoft figures out a way to get rid of Exchange servers on-prem for good, while still keeping Directory Synchronization (or maybe we’ll just move AD/DNS to the cloud too…).

The main thing you should do here is identify what you have now, what you are moving to, and where everything is going to live at the end of the day.

Domain Name Servers (DNS) translate domain names or records created by users into numerical IP addresses used by computers.

For example when you type in it translates to the IP address ( of our web server. An analogy for DNS is that it serves as a phone book for the Internet. Your DNSHOST is most commonly the company who you bought your domain from or who hosts your website.

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CNAME records can be used to alias one name to another.

A TXT record is used to hold basic text information. If you do not have the login credentials you will need to contact YOURDNSHOST.

Its often implemented to minimize spammers from spoofing your domain or to verify you own the domain.

From the EAC, input the key by browsing to servers.

Next step is, you will want to update the SCP to refer to whatever name is assigned on the old Exchange server.

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