Ntp not updating date

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However, it is best to keep your cluster time synchronized automatically by using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers.

Data ONTAP enables you to manage the cluster time in the following ways: Job schedules do not adjust to manual cluster date and time changes.

But if you want to run something else in Slide, it may be a problem.

You could automatically add a NTP server to the next update of Slide OS config until this bug is tracked down. The Country and time zone are set correctly in the International settings.

But since then theres one problem bugging me: the NTP daemon won't sync anymore on boot and every reboot sets me back to 1970.It is strange, we’ve been looking at the real time clock’s to make sure they are correctly being set up, but it’s not clear why it’s not working…Can you send me all your time setting information so I can reproduce and check that I don’t see the same problem (just to differentiate between hardware and software) Time zone, country, ntp settings Thanks Gordon As an experiment I’ve tried Confuence, to see if it made any difference.These jobs are scheduled to run based on the current cluster time when the job was created or when the job most recently ran. In the System Information widget, in the System Time row, click Change. " to automatically adjust its own clock when its time zone changes between daylight saving time (DST) and standard time, enable Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes. If you manually configured the time, or if you enabled NTP and the NTP query for the current time succeeds, the new clock time should appear in System time.

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