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And of coarse when confronted with a spread sheet made by my accountant of orders skimmed totaling 27k, I got the run around about how it's gonna take them weeks to go back and check every order and bla bla bla.So I said I'm done I can't take it I've called and emailed and called and got nowhere.

Ayla Burnett National Buyout Solutions Real Estate Investments and Furniture Hollywood, Florida I had a close friend/client that has almost lost everything due to a business deal with Alya Burnett, I am an attorney and I am working with my client to rectify the situation. TBW also claimed that a woman called Ayla Burnett and her alleged co-conspirators fraudulently induced TBW to approve 26 other loans, totalling .8 million by inputting fraudulent information into its computer systems.mind you I had under my belt 200 properties that we serviced and maintained for them, I had 12 employees 8 trucks and plenty of equipment to do whatever the order said.Even the grass cuts we wouldn't get paid the full amount on the work order, i want to be paid what is on the order not a partial payment!National Real Estate Solutions NRES Nonpayment for contracted services Thousand Oaks California This company provides mortgage field services, engaging with property preservation contractors to perform maintenance on vacant/foreclosed homes on behalf of the banks that control/own the properties.My company was contracted to perform a variety of services, totaling over ,000. As of today, 1/17/2017, no payment has been rendered, even though the work performed was approved by an NRES quality control review and the property has since been listed by a real estate agent.

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