Updating cache directory

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(The Cache Manager periodically refreshes cached mount points, but the only other way to discard them immediately is to reinitialize the Cache Manager by rebooting the machine.When many GIS server machines try to write tiles into a shared cache directory at the same time, scalability degrades.These temporary files are very large, and can be as large as three to five times the final cache size.These temporary files get deleted when caches finish building.Suppose the client on the bottom updates/changes that memory block, the client on the top could be left with an invalid cache of memory without any notification of the change.Cache coherence is intended to manage such conflicts by maintaining a coherent view of the data values in multiple caches.

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You can control how many file system elements to flush at a time: In addition to callbacks, the Cache Manager has a mechanism for tracking other kinds of possible changes, such as changes in a volume's location.

If a volume moves and the Cache Manager has not accessed any data in it for a long time, the Cache Manager's volume location record can be wrong. When you issue the command, the Cache Manager creates a new table of mappings between volume names, ID numbers, and locations.

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In computer architecture, cache coherence is the uniformity of shared resource data that ends up stored in multiple local caches.

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