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Aspiring doctors, lawyers, scientists and working nurses have happily competed in the modern iteration of Miss America, espousing a commitment to volunteerism.

The pageant usually manages to gain traction on Twitter, but the show nonetheless struggles with ratings as its core audience goes the way of petticoats and golden mermaid trophies.

As advertised, Miss America is, as John Oliver was dismayed to report in 2014, the largest provider of scholarships for women (the pageant had nonetheless hugely inflated its contributions).

Each year, contestants shrug off "pageant girl" stereotypes and tell us that Miss America is paying their way through college.

Her hope is that the pageant eventually moves away from bikinis.

For several weeks after she got engaged in August of 2016, Cantrell would wear her ring in the privacy of her hotel room -- another place Maxwell was not welcome -- and take it off for public appearances.

Chelsea Mineur, a spokeswoman for the Atlantic City-based Miss America Organization, says that there are no official rules regarding Miss America's relationship with a boyfriend or her dating life, but that "engagements should be announced after her reign." Already engaged women, however, need not apply.

Contestants in the 2018 pageant will face an additional round of questioning this week that will focus on evaluating personality, say pageant organizers.

Meanwhile, the swimsuit competition, arguably the most infamous part of the pageant, is still in effect, though long decried as a vestigial part of the event, reminiscent of a time when contestants' bust, hip and waist measurements were public information.

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