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Pavitra Rishta is the love story of a couple, Manav Deshmukh (Sushant Singh Rajput), who is a garage mechanic and earns money for his lower-middle-class family and Archana Karanjkar(Ankita Lokhande), the partially educated, eldest daughter in her family of five and focuses on their difficulties in getting married and living in Mumbai.

Manav falls in love with Archana which culminates into his marriage with her, but the marriage is broken off when Sulochana discovers that he lied about his credentials in order to marry Archana, as a result of this, they start living separately, and are heading for a divorce shortly, meanwhile the Deshmukh family receives a shock from their son Sachin's death and Manav is forced to marry his pregnant fiancee Shravani (Pooja Pihal), a year passes by, Archana has completed her training and as a co-incidence returns as Manav's boss in his new office, this time she is paired with her colleague Jaywant, Both Archana and Manav, supposed to be married off to different partners at this time are still longing for each other's love and thus, elope.

The show ends with Archana and Manav's death as they are united in Heaven.

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